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In this moonboard you will find heroes who made a positive impact on societies in our cultures.
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Mustafa Kemal Atatürk - the hero who saved the Turkish people from the ottoman empire. He is also founder of Republic of Turkey and was the first president.

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Mimar Sinan -during the ottoman empire he was a hero on architecture. He made over 360 structures of mosques, baths, schools etc.

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St Nicholas - many Dutch people remind him of 'Sinterklaas'. St Nicholas was a bishop that helped the poor and sick by giving food and giving medicine.

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Yunus Emre - this is an Anatolian folk poet and mystic who transcended his period. He played an important role in the shaping of Anatolian poetry, the Turkish language and above all, the Turkish language as a poetic medium.

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Eirik Raude - The man who escaped Norway, then Iceland, only to discover Greenland. This man was a great explorer.

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Fridtjof Nansen - A man who was an explorer, an ambassador and a researcher, he also aided in the independance of Norway.

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Peter Wessel Tordenskjold - The man who was mostly to blame for Norway's independance from Sweden. Also, his surname means "Thundershield", which is pretty neat.

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Einar Gerhardsen - the man who made Norway into modern country instead of a complete monarchy.

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan - lately he hasn't been in the news very positive, but the turkish people still see him as a hero of resolving many problems that Turkey had before he was our president.

Gunnar Sønstebø - A man who was essential to Norway's resistance against the German invading force. Without this man, Norway may very well have been a lot smaller today, than it is.