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Six ‘oyalı zeybek başı’ (ceremonial headgear of the ‘Efe’ / ‘Zeybek’) from Izmir – Manisa –Aydın. In Izmir large flat (2D) oya-lace is preferred, and in Manisa the much smaller three-dimensional flower-oya. In Aydın you can see both types, and everything in between. These hats were made in our workshop; only authentic needle-lace (iğne oyası) were used – three for each hat. Which made them nice, but rather expensive. (Kavak Folklor Ekibi & Costume Collection - Antwerpen/Belgium).

Six ‘oyalı zeybek başı’ (ceremonial headgear of the ‘Efe’ / ‘Zeybek’) from Izmir…

This feminine rendition of our popular Low Polygon Face Mask leaves an open interpretation to the wearer. However, this is not just another pretty face… one can

We are celebrating Women's Day in our Wintercroft way of course. Why not build a Mask and celebrate with us?