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blake griffin! So hot and talented!! Sad that he plays for a douche like sterling!!

So hot and talented! Sad that he plays for a douche like sterling!

Firkraag Hack'n'slash

A teenager today would pin this because Micheal Jordan is an extremely successful basketball player, holding many records. He also is important because he impacts people daily lives such as athletes who look up to him and through his Jordans shoe brand.

İşte asalet

New York Times;"One of the most talented leaders of the after war period"

MustafaKemalAtatürk 23 Eylul 1923 Avusturya Die Presse Gazetesi Röportajı

Gazi Mustafa Kemal in Çankaya,

Gömülü resim için kalıcı bağlantı

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, first president of the Republic of Turkiye. Ataturk fought hard to make Turkiye a secular democratic modern nation.