These dry skin causes make our skin to lose its ability to function well and we may become less sensitive to touch and more prone to infections.


Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do If You’ve Gained Weight - It happens to all of us , sometimes we gain some extra pounds , and it is ok only if you know what to do about it and what not to do , you should be aware of

cry, tears

Did you know that tears are the only thing that corresponds to different feelings? The tears of other mammals have no emotional importance.

What Triggers the Burnout Syndrome?

What Triggers the Burnout Syndrome?


If stress is experienced at an extreme level, mental, psychological, and physical aspects can be anticipated as a threat that affects the righteous and the negative.


Natural Sleep Aids A DIY Dream Pillow Recipe – Natural sleep aids abound so rest easy! In modern culture many people suffer from poor sleep and restless nights, but there's hope in natural solutions!

Benefits of Sports

You will witness the positive effects of doing sports in human life in this article.

What Causes The Abdominal Fat And How Can We Fight İt?

Many people are not overweight but have abdominal fat. Unfortunately, many people find it very difficult to get rid of this kind of oil after applying various diet programs and .

I Do Not Get Angry Anymore, I Just Listen

Ya no me enojo, solo escucho y evito que me afecte aquello que no me define

Why is Continuous Tuition Coming?

Even the ancient Greeks for women with conspicuous behavior, who do not have sex for a longer period of time, said that suffering from hy.

What Are The Symptoms of Heel Stiffness?

The heel is a hard protrusion due to the accumulation of calcium beneath the heel bone. This protrusion is called a heel stud for the shape of the stalk. These protrusions, which can.