Braided Nutella Christmas Tree Bread – although personally I would omit the Nutella...

Braided Nutella Christmas Tree Bread - DIY Recipe

Braided Nutella Christmas Tree Bread – although personally I would omit the Nutella. Who the hell wrote they would omit the Nutella?

Pom Pom Easter Bunnies are easy to make and are perfect for your child's Easter basket! Just follow along this easy Pom Pom Easter Bunny craft tutorial! #Easter #Bunny #Pom-pom #Craft

How to Make Pom-pom Bunny

DIY Pom Pom Bunnies: The Cuttest ever.Easy to make pom pom bunnies for the kids to hide with the eggs for next year's egg hunt

Pom Pom Heart Pillow Love {DIY Decor}

I am in love with pom poms! Pom pom crafts are super fun and you can’t help but smile when you’re working with them. This Pom Pom Heart Pi.

zwevende kop en schotel met 2 tortelduiven leuk als trouw-cadeau en dan in het mos gevouwen bloemen van geld

How to make a Zwevend kopje. This has two doves and a nest can use as wedding centerpiece, or baby shower decor with the eggs in basket.

I can't read this pattern but I can use the picture and figure it out. Doesn't look hard, just crochet circles and pom poms.

Wonderful DIY Super Easy Finger Pom-poms

Crocheted Bear PomPom Rug needs translating but i will probably just try and copy picture lol x


Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Accent Couch Toss Sofa Pillow Linen Pillow Mother Of Pearl Embroidered Bedroom Home Decor Garden Pearls. by cristina

Купить Арома-чашка с кофейными розами "Мокко" - коричневый, кофейные зерна, кофейные розы, ароматизаторы

Red and white paper roses spilling out of a teacup into the saucer