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the soccer team is posing for a photo on the sidelines in front of an audience
Old But ™Gold Galatasaray™
a man with tattoos on his arm standing in the middle of a soccer field, holding his hand to his face
icardi wallpaper galatasaray
several books on a shelf in a library
Fener kütüphanesi heralde 😂
an image of the numbers and emblems for different teams in each team's name
two soccer players are talking to each other
senin bu güzelliğin yedi beni bitirdi
two men holding a banner in front of a soccer stadium at night with lights on
the soccer players are all congratulating each other on their team's victory
a man standing on top of a soccer field wearing an orange and white shirt with the word soccar written on it
a soccer player dives for the ball in front of an icardi sign