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the cover art for mitted bir kosmoot gibi's album
'Mühtedileri Asın' Caner Ok | Çerçi Sanat - Sayı 3
Mühtedileri Asın
a drawing of a clock with a man standing on it's face and an arrow sticking out of his head
'Yaşlı' Şengül Can | Çerçi Sanat - Sayı 1
a black and white photo of a woman's head with hair in the back
'Göz Hakkı' Özlem Şan | Çerçi Sanat - Sayı 2
göz hakkı
a drawing of an ice cream cone on top of a table with writing above it
'Yağmur Artığı' Fatih Külahçı | Çerçi Sanat - Sayı 3
Yağmur Artığı
a drawing of a person sitting on a chair in front of a stone wall with his head down
'Direniş' Servet Karaaslan | Çerçi Sanat - Sayı 5
an image of some animals in the snow with trees and birds around them on a snowy day
2014. The year of wooden horse
2014. The year of wooden horse on Behance
a drawing of a red lip with some colored pencils next to it
Colored pencil lip study
Colored pencil lip study by Morgan Davidson