Temporarily cover your favorite pair of boots for a Halloween costume. (This is similar to how I covered boots for a Poison Ivy costume, but used taffeta. Spandex would have been so much easier!

Quick and Easy Cosplay Boot Cover Make a pattern by wrapping your leg in tape (plastic wrap underneath), then cutting it off.  Tutorial by Kimba616 on deviantART

Quick and Easy Cosplay Boot Cover Tutorial - a bit more complicated than the duct tape one I already have pinned

Wonder Woman Boot Covers Made IN USA | eBay

Wonder Woman boot covers. Made in USA

Boots women,Southern Fried Chics is the fastest growing online boutique. With southern inspired clothing from Missy Robertson to more modern styles like Miss Me Jeans.

tutorial on how to cover boots with spandex fabric. I am going to try to make a cast cover with this technique

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Magik - Sasha-V - Sexy Cosplayers