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Shopkins Chef Club Hot Spot Kitchen Playset Scan each Shopkin into your Chef Club App The kitchen play set comes with 2 Exclusive Shopkins and 2 recipe books This Chef Club playset connects with other Chef Club Plays sets to create the Chef Club Kitchen!

Moose Toys Shopkins Season 3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck Playset, Glitter -

Besides the and there are various playsets that you can get, all with exclusive Shopkins you can only get in the playsets: EASY SQUEEZY FRUIT & VEG STAND (Season This.

After a big day out in Shopville and with smiles on their faces The Lil’ Shoppies head home to Happyville to make their own Happy Places! Now you too can create your own Happy Place with the Lil’...

Happy Places Shopkins Decorator Pack Bathing Bunny Shopkins Happy Places Decorator Pack Bathing Bunny Unpack a box load of Petkins and add a whole lot more fun to your Happy Place!

Happy Places Shopkins Happy Home Party Studio

Invite your Lil& Shoppie friends to the Party Studio and get ready for a party in every room! The Happy Home Party Studio is the perfect place to throw a party! Host a Kitty Dinner Party downstairs or set up a Slumber Bear Party in the bedroom!

Shopkins Series 6 Sparkle Clean Washer Playset

The Shopkins Chef Club Sparkle Clean Washer Playset Features:Want some good clean fun? Then splash out on the Shopkins(TM) Sink Play set! Keep your Shopkins(TM) clean as .

Get ready to glam up! It's time for a Shopkins Fashion Spree! Step in and see what's in store! Shop at Showcase, over…

The Shopkins Fashion Spree Season 5 Slumber Fun Collection Pack Features:Get ready to glam up! It's time for a Fashion Spree!

Shopkins Chef Club Hot Waffle Collection

Shopkins Chef Club Hot Waffle Collection Collect all recipes. Scan each shopkin into your chef club app. Includs 8 yummy shopkins, a large waffle maker and 2 small accessories make this collection one to waffle on about!

Happy Places Shopkins Welcome Pack - Puppy Patio

Shopkins Season 2 Happy Places Welcome Pack Puppy Patio: Adoring the great outdoors is what puts a smile on Rosie’s face. Relaxing in the sun, she loves to decorate her Puppy Patio with nature to create an outdoor room that really blooms!