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Ceren Ozcan

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4th of july I keep seeing this picture for the star hair, but I'm pretty sure the first person posted this because the little girls hair is chopped off on the right side... or is it just me~aleca

Floral crowns may be a staple for festivals and whimsical parties, but Chelsea Shiels is taking the world by storm with her mermaid-inspired, seashell-encrusted headdresses. The glittering designs are loaded with small conch shells, crystals, and gold accents that will make anyone wearing them feel like Princess Ariel. Shiel beautifully integrates her different findings, mixing and matching colors and textures to create multifaceted, wearable works of art that have a modern, bohemian vibe…

But there’s a new trend in town: MERMAID CROWNS. | Mermaid Crowns Are The New Flower Crowns And I'm Not Mad At It More

Beautiful head piece that you can wear for any formal event. It looks like it was made with mermaids as an inspiration.

Sunshine mermaid crown by chelseasflowercrowns on Etsy

how to make a seashell crown with a dollar store plastic tiara and seashells | Debis Design Diary

Sunshine mermaid crown by chelseasflowercrowns on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/385013460/sunshine-mermaid-crown

Mermaid crown. Oh my goooooooosh. I need this.