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Chris was born on 8th May 1997. He was a full term healthy baby. At this stage babies only eat, pee, poo, sleep and the only way they communicate their needs is through crying. parents usually decode the crying and can gradually make a routine for the baby. It was a little easier for Chris's mum as he is her second child. (1.1) by Amena, Sam & Stella

117 baby boys die every single year in the US alone as a result of blood loss due to their circumcision, a surgery that is riskier than advertised by doctors and completely unnecessary.

Bazi hastaliklar ve ona sifa verecek esmaul husna

Bazi hastaliklar ve ona sifa verecek esmaul husna ~ Kuaza

Früher hatte ich ein Filofax. Inzwischen habe ich nur noch den Google Kalender und bin damit so zufrieden wie nie: mir reicht es, wenn ich die große Wickeltasche für die Kinder mit schleppen muss. Je weniger Gepäck, desto besser. ❤️ www.mami-startup.de

I still love my old Filofax. I find it a bit heavy to carry around though.

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