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The Big Four Cap2 AU by Milady666. This is totally cool. Love the Big Four's roles. Though personally, I'd want Hiccup's and Jack's roles reversed. But that's just me. lol XD

Capitan America: the Winter Soldier and The Big Four. The Winter Soldier/Hiccup, Captain America/Jack Frost, that nurse -agent/Rapunzel, Black Widow/Merida

I'm so happy with this edit. Please give me credit, I made it I recently watched Rise og the guardians, and OMG JELSA MAKES SO SENSE! Jack saved her sis telling her "we're going to have fun" when she was scared. Mm let's guess who is the scarest Queen.... ELSA! So , Jack can help Elsa to fight her fears just, having a little fun! That's another reason why I ship JELSA

Getting rejected might be like your walking fragile ice at first but later on you find that your no longer a thin sheet but an ice age

Jelsa let it go

Oh these two were born for each other. she is immortal too because she is a Norwegian goddess of ice------- WAAT?