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Nombre: Mimi Personalidad: Segura y seria Edad: 11 Peso: 39 kg  Cumpleaños: 13 de febrero Signo: --- Color favorito: rojo Comida favorita: fresas  Instrumento: violín Banda: las Candy's Miedo: a no ser segura  Sexualidad: ---

My name is Asami and I am a sailor. My favorite color is red since I wear it a lot. Some people think I am pretty mature and serious for an An interesting fact about me is that I play violin.

sakura, sasuke, sasusaku, naruto, sarada

Sarada, Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto; Hahah I love how Naruto joins Sasuke and Sakura giving off hearts at the last minute and probably has no clue what the heck is happening lol

Harley Suicide Squad by Artgerm on DeviantArt

baseball bat batman (series) belt blonde hair bracelet choker collarbone dc comics dccu english facepaint fingerless gloves fishnet pantyhose fishnets gloves graffiti gun gun holster hand on leg harley quinn holster jacket jewelry looking at viewer m

13 Suicide Squad (Mainly Harley Quinn) Fan Art That Are Better than the Movie

“Daddy's lil monster” - Suicide Squad - Harley Quinn by Mark Henry Bustamante