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Sponge ball water fun

DIY Sponge balls for outdoor water parties. -easier for mommy than filling dozens of water balloons!

Burt Lake Crayfish II It's difficult to believe that this crayfish is landlocked. Its hue reminds me of the blue-crabs on the Atlantic side.

Sketchbook work- marketplace by Melissa Castrillon

"Marketplace", traducido a "El Mercado", estilo "sketchbook" por: Melissa Castrillon

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Inspiration Art: Make a painting that looks like a cross-section of gorgeous agate. (Could be part of a series of art projects inspired by nature)


There is a beautiful book called Happy. This is a link for a great pastel art activity for children that has them explore emotions.

Regularly Eating Berries Could Lower Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

Fruit For Health Infographic

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