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New Man Bun Hairstyle Trend: The Low Undercut - Man Bun Hairstyle

Read this article to learn about the latest man bun hairstyle trend. It's a new type of man bun undercut and we tell you everything about it here!

Long hair

Ben Dahlhaus, there are two things I hate on a man, a beard and hair longer than mine. but you might just have the most beautiful face I've ever seen!

Gareth Was Here | 150601  Trying to figure out swashplates.

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Mechanical Things - Album on Imgur

141208 After something of an extended hiatus from making gifs, I’m back! And with a dual cardan joint animation that, again, took me far too long and far too many beers to figure out.

90 Degrees Uniform Motion Transmitter

This was the label it came with. I disagree with the 'uniform' bit. Having said that, it's an awesome mechanism.