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three wooden objects sitting next to each other
MADE Decorative Birds — blond — Industrial Design and Product Design — London
a plate with chopsticks and some food in it on a black table top
three wicker lanterns with candle holders on them
10 Summer Decorating Ideas for a Breezy Home
several wooden utensils and spoons hanging on a wall
Heath LA Presents: Julian Watts
a wooden bowl is hanging on the wall
work — ariele alasko
a hand holding a brush with white bristles on it's head and the handle is made out of wood
shop — ariele alasko
a round wooden object on a gray surface
work — ariele alasko
a person holding a wooden spoon in their hand
David Fisher, Carving Explorations
a white sculpture sitting on top of a table
Mike Goodlett
Decoration, Upcycling, Fai Da Te, Bamboo
mitr. Debuts Momento: A Collaboration with 6 Designers
three black bowls sitting on top of each other
a sculpture made out of wooden pieces on a white surface
Bent-lam Ball
Bent-lam Ball on RISD Portfolios
an apple computer sitting on top of a desk
MacBook Stand - kuratiert von
a wooden plate topped with lots of black and brown spoons on top of a table
Sculptor Casey Reed Johnson | Plastolux
Sculptor Casey Reed Johnson. #artist #sculpture #modern #design
hermes collections for the home 2017-2018 milan design week designboom Hermès, Leather, Gadgets, Accessories, Milan, Hermes Home, Collection
Hermès links 2017-2018 home collections with leather and harness
hermes collections for the home 2017-2018 milan design week designboom
a potted plant hanging from the side of a wall
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Decora con macetas
five black vases sitting on top of a wooden table
DAILY IMPRINT | Interviews on creative living
DAILY IMPRINT | Interviews on creative living *Maryam Riazi
a pile of wicker baskets sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a white wall
Site Suspended - This site has stepped out for a bit
03_flat round basket on top of wood vanity base with small white folded towels
woven baskets are arranged in different patterns and sizes
xưởng sản xuất đèn lồng truyền thống Việt Nam
Thế giới đèn trang trí các loại từ các mọi nơi trên thế giới sử dụng cho trang trí nhà riêng trang trí nhà hàng, trang trí khách sạn, tất cả quy tụ tại Đèn Lồng Xưa - Thế giới đèn lồng của người Việt, Liên hệ sản phẩm: 0979 083 286 (zalo/viber/WhatApp/Call) #đènlồngxưa #đènmâytređan #đènlồnghộian #đènlồnggiấy #đènlồngnhậtbản #đènlồngphongthủy #đènlồngsắt #đènlồngtrí #đènlồng #lồngđèn #hộian #vietnam #lantern #trungthu #đèntrangtrí #lồngđèntrangtrí #lồngđènvải #bánđènlồng #lồngđènvải
a round bamboo tray with geometric designs on the bottom and sides, set against a white background
「匠 竹苑—Takumi Chikuen—」商品案内
「匠 竹苑―Takumi Chikuen―」商品案内
a wooden plate with wavy lines on the edge and bottom, sitting on a gray surface
Kostbarer Fundus
Aus den insgesamt 91 Einreichungen zum dds-Preis der Arthur Francke’schen Stiftung 2017 zeigen wir hier eine Auswahl bemerkenswerter Projekte von jungen Ti
three different plates with food on them in the same photo, one being made from wood
Qualy’s designs have an innocent, playful quality that makes them instantly lovable. They also revolve around a rather neat idea that makes them clever, like the Four Seasons shakers. The Acorn snacks bowl revolves around the same principles of being innocent, playful, and clever! A lid and a bowl join together to form a closed container. Lift the lid, invert it and place it back and you’ve got yourself two bowls!