Get the more patterns at In this video you will learn how to crochet 3D Romanian point lace cord. You may use this cord not just fo...

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Bobbin lace from the Russian town of Vologda. #Russian #lace

koronka brugijska // Bobbin lace from the Russian town of Vologda.

needle lace tutorial

How-to: Century needle lace (could also use on St. Birgitta cap) Lace- stitch-variations as they are encountered individually or combined as decoration on the garments from Lengberg.


Point Lace Romanian Style Crochet Doily Tan Floral Pattern by ValeriasShop

Romanian point lace

Romanian point lace (note to self: would also be awesome embroidery pattern).

DIY Romanian Lace DIY Projects Shows the stages in Romanian point lace.