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Essential Oils: Beauty, Wellness, DIYs & Recipes | Aromatherapy | Wellness | Skincare | Beauty Products

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See how to make your own dishwasher tablets with essential oils (without borax)! These easy DIY washer pods are a natural, plant-based way to clean dishes. The homemade dishwasher tablets break up grease, grime, and stubborn food residue, leaving you with sparkling dishes. The dish cleaner recipe is fully biodegradable and made with eco-friendly materials that are good for you and the environment. With tips for how to use and how to store (storage container ideas). | CountryHillCottage.com
See how to make your own scented DIY carpet powder in less than 5 minutes! This easy homemade carpet deodorizer absorbs odors from carpets and leaves a fresh, clean scent. The carpet freshener recipe is made with all natural materials and antibacterial essential oils like lavender, cinnamon, lemon, or rosemary. This deodorizing baking soda carpet cleaner is pet safe (cats and dogs) and made without borax. Includes tips for how to use and waterless carpet cleaning. | CountryHillCottage.com
We’ve narrowed down the very best essential oils for cleaning to quickly and easily clean and freshen your home. Save this now or grab the printable!

DIY & Natural Cleaning Prodcuts with Essential Oils

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How to Use Clary Sage for Hair. Plus natural hair care recipes with essential oils. Learn how to use clary sage for hair with three easy clary sage hair care recipes. Discover the benefits of clary sage essential oil as part of your beauty routine for DIY hair care. Plus explore making hair care products with my collection of other natural hair care recipes for homemade hair masks, hot oil treatments, homemade shampoo and conditioners, a hair lightening spray, hair detangler and more.
How to Make a Hydrosol With Essential Oils

Essential Oils 101

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See how to make the best natural Himalayan salt scrub and learn the benefits of Himalayan salt for skin care! The moisturizing DIY Himalayan salt body scrub buffs away dead skin cells and leaves your skin silky-smooth! The easy exfoliating scrub recipe is made with fine pink salt, coconut oil, and essential oils for a beautiful scent (like rose, lavender and peppermint). The homemade scrub makes a lovely wellness gift idea and comes with printable labels for packaging. | CountryHillCottage.com
DIY body spray with essential oils recipes. How to make a natural perfume recipes. This easy DIY body spray with essential oils gives you a natural scent. Make body spray essential oils witch hazel or with cyclomethicone. Make a homemade essential oil body spray recipes two different ways. Learn how to make body spray essential oil perfume recipes. #diy #recipe #bodyspray
Learn how to make a rose serum for face and glowing skin at home. The DIY face serum is best for sensitive skin, anti aging, and dry skin care. Formulated with natural ingredients, rose hip oil and essential oils, the moisturizing serum can restore suppleness, collagen, and the skin barrier. The comprehensive beauty product recipe shares the benefits and tips for applying and formulating homemade facial serums. Fresh rose glow serum is good for day or night. #serum | CountryHillCottage.com

DIY Skin Care & Beauty Products

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How to make stress relief shower melts. This DIY easy recipe has lavender essential oil and lemon essential oil for aromatherapy. DIY how to make stress relief gifts for friends. DIY essential oils for home made stress relief essential oils with easy shower steamers. These homemade shower bombs have baking soda, citric acid, and essential oils easy DIY. DIY how to make shower steamers with essential oils. #showermelt #showersteamer #lavender #lemon #stressrelief
Enjoy aromatherapy benefits of lavender! See how to make all natural relaxing DIY lavender sleep spray and linen spray with and without essential oils! The calming homemade pillow mist promotes deep sleep, sweet dreams and bedtime relaxation at night. Includes lavender spray recipes for kids and baby sleepy time. And variations with rose and cedarwood. Great for Young Living and Doterra EO. Plus printable gift labels. #lavender #sleepspray #essentialoils #aromatherapy | countryhgillcottage.com
Learn the best essential oils for kids! With tips for diluting / how to dilute and safe DIY roller blends for kids for cough, chest rub, colds, behavior, sleep, fever, allergy relief, headache, sniffles, sleepy time, bath time, allergies, calming, focus, back to school, decongestant, sore throat, congestion, immune booster, ear infection, flu, tummy ache, stuffy nose, ear ache, upset tummy, bedtime. #essentialoils #rollerblend #rollerblends #rollerrecipe #aromatherapy | countryhillcottage.com

Wellness DIYs & Recipes

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Lemon diffuser blends will elevate your mood and refresh your indoor spaces, adding a cheerful and sunny flair. Included are 13 lemon essential oil recipes with lavender, peppermint, cinnamon, geranium, tea tree and others, from invigorating to sweet and candy-like to calm and grounding. No matter your mood, everyone can benefit from those sparkling and cheerful lemon notes. The refreshing smell of lemons is incredibly uplifting and spreads cheer and happiness. | CountryHillCottage.com
See how to make the best eucalyptus diffuser blends for wellness, congestion, relaxation, and air freshening! You’ll learn to make and use 9 fragrant eucalyptus essential oil recipes with peppermint, lemon, lavender, cedarwood, orange, and rosemary. The post also includes tips for choosing the best eucalyptus essential oil for diffusing. Eucalyptus offers a refreshing scent and so many wellness and aromatherapy benefits that make eucalyptus worth your while. | CountryHillCottage.com
See how to make your own DIY essential oils shower steamers! Homemade aromatherapy shower steamers create an at-home spa experience. Variations with lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus for congestion and sinus relief. This easy step-by-step tutorial includes a natural shower steamer recipe and 8 different scent blends for every mood. With tips for how to use, packaging ideas, and printable gift tags and labels, shower melts without citric acid and Epsom salt tablets. | CountryHillCottage.com


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See how to make a delicious homemade pumpkin spice essential oil blend and learn the benefits of spice oils and tips for skin safety. The sweet, spicy aroma exudes warmth and coziness. It’s the quintessential autumn scent! Included are 10 different DIY pumpkin-scented essential oil recipes and many tips to use the oil for air fresheners and DIY skincare products, like room spray, candles, wax melts, sugar scrub, lotion, body wash, lip balm, hand soap, car air freshener. | CountryHillCottage.com
Learn how to make a fresh linen essential oil recipe that you can use for room spray, candles or the diffuser! This homemade essential oil blend is the perfect scent to refresh your home and fill your space with the crisp aroma of freshly washed laundry. The post also includes 3 unique scent recipes and a candle-making tutorial showing you how to make a cute DIY clean cotton scented candle with soy wax that is great for beginners. Comes with free printable gift labels. | CountryHillCottage.com

Home Fragrance

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Decorate our delicious lavender hot chocolate mix with pretty printable hot chocolate labels. Packed in jars, this white hot chocolate mix is a great food gift for all seasons and many occasions. Visit our blog to get the recipe and to download free printable labels to package and gift the hot chocolate. #hotchocolate #printable #freeprintable #foodgift #freebie| countryhillcottage.com
Chocolate cutout cookies with rose ganache. Flowery rose ganache, sandwiched between deliciously rich chocolate cookies, decorated with cute sprinkles. This easy no chill chocolate cutout cookie recipe is made with cocoa and melted chocolate. Rose essential oil gives the ganache a fragrant flavour. These cookies are great food gifts for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day, or when you crave a tasty chocolate cookie. #cutoutcookies #chocolatecookies #cookies #chocolate #ganache | countryhillcottage.com
Lavender popcorn puts a floral spin on classic sweet popcorn. This sweet treat is made by coating fluffy popcorn in candy melts seasoned with lavender essential oil, followed by a drizzle of dark and white chocolate. You can prepare the recipe with homemade or store-bought, unflavoured or slightly salty or sweet popcorn. The recipe comes with a free printable popcorn box to package the popcorn for gift giving. #popcorn #lavender #essentialoil #lavenderpopcorn #foodgifts | countryhillcottage.com

Cooking with Essential Oils

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Learn the best essential oils for kids! With tips for diluting / how to dilute and safe DIY roller blends for kids for cough, chest rub, colds, behavior, sleep, fever, allergy relief, headache, sniffles, sleepy time, bath time, allergies, calming, focus, back to school, decongestant, sore throat, congestion, immune booster, ear infection, flu, tummy ache, stuffy nose, ear ache, upset tummy, bedtime. #essentialoils #rollerblend #rollerblends #rollerrecipe #aromatherapy | countryhillcottage.com
See to make easy DIY rose bath melts with essential oils! The simple natural homemade bath truffle recipe is made with shea butter, cocoa butter or coconut oil and dried roses. Includes tips for how to use, storage, packaging ideas/how to package and printable labels for gifts. homemade beauty product infuses the water with nourishing oils and butters that moisturize your skin. Fun for kids, great for relaxing bath time. #essentialoils #bathtime #bathmelts #bathtruffles | countryhillcottage.com
See how to make a natural DIY hand sanitizer spray with essential oils for you and your family! This homemade hand rub with alcohol/vodka and aloe vera gelt contains organic ingredients. Essential oils provide anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that help to fight germs and microbes. The hand disinfectant recipe includes free printable gift labels, packaging and uses ideas. Can be made with thieves and on guard. Great for kids! #handsanitizer #essentialoils | countryhillcottage.com

Gifts with Essential Oils

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