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an old drawing with flowers and vines on it
Design | Unknown | V&A Explore The Collections
an open box filled with lots of baby clothes and other items on top of a table
Decoupage, Flowers, Child, Gif, Image, Children Images, Die, Flores
Jan. 2015 - Blumenkinder
an image of a woman holding a parasol with flowers on the side and blue ribbon around her neck
Flicka i solfjäder
Vintage Postcards, Vintage Paper Dolls, Vintage Cards
Pigeon, Dresden, Vintage Photos, Engel
Vintage Dolls, Victorian Valentines
a drawing of a woman wearing a hat with veil and flowers on it's head
Frau - woman - femme
Scraps - Victorian Die Cut - Victorian Scrap - Tube Victorienne - Glansbilleder - Plaatjes
an open box with two dolls inside and one in the middle, on a blue background
Антикварные наборы / Это интересно / Все о куклах и игрушках
there are two cats and one cat is in the shape of a heart that says you're so purr - tix
To Chris From Velda
a white cat holding a red heart with the words you'd be a purr - fect valentine written on it
Weekend Window Shopping at Birdhouse Books
A little stuffed toy cat is decorated with flocking and glitter on this vintage Valentine. View from the Birdhouse: Weekend Window Shopping at Birdhouse Books