How To Do Mattress Stitch : Horizontal Seams

Mattress Stitch Knitting Free Tutorial You Have to Read

Knitting Tutorial - Matress Stitch worked horizontally to join two pieces of knitting. The stitches are in contrasting color to show detail, but it might be fun to do this and add some embroidery for embellished seams on a sweater. from Knitting Daily

Wool Types - Infographic

got wool - the different kinds. So weird, my boyfriend and I were just discussing last night why Angora goats make Merino wool. Came from a animal.

Understand Yarn Labels - 20 Inasnely Clever Yarn Hacks That Will Make Your Next Project Easier!

20 Clever Yarn Hacks That Will Make Your Next Project Easier

knitting helpful info Yarn Label Info Chart -- explains the numeric weights and washing symbols USEFUL!

Intermediate Knitting, Double Pointed Needles: Mondays, October 24 + 31, 6:30-8:30pm

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