quel travail!

This is how I remember my Grandmother Azniv Vahide Aslanian did her Armenian embroidery, known as Aiyntabi kordz (Ayntab/Aintab embroidery) the Armenian women were experts in Aintab before the uprooting (during first genocide of the century - 1915 era)

Irish crochet

This is a video describing how to make the round filling stitches in Romanian point lace can also be used in battenberg.

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col combi

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İğne oyası takı yapılışı

looks like detached needlelace flower petals

Un peu long mais dès 3mn 30 on en apprend beaucoup sur le savoir faire et on comprend mieux pourquoi cette dentelle coute si chère !!! Regarder travailler ces personnes est magique ^^

wonderful upclose video showing the process (not a tutorial) of handmade french lace. it is entirely in french (no subtitles) but still informative. very time consuming so no wonder it is expensive.