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an image of vegan mushroom stroganone in a skillet with text overlay
Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff (Best Recipe) - Elavegan
two bowls filled with vegan potato soup
Easy Vegan Potato Soup
Easy Vegan Potato Soup
the best vegan beef stew in a bowl
Vegan Beef Stew
This bowl of belly-warming vegan beef stew is savory with herbs and pepper and it has meaty TVP chunks, potatoes, carrots and celery adding tons of texture.
1h 5m
a white bowl filled with broccoli, cheese and spinach on top of a blue cloth
Creamy Chicken Gnocchi Soup (Olive Garden Copycat)
there is a bowl of soup with bread on the side
Roasted Garlic Vegetable Stew with Red Lentils & Tomatoes
1h 0m
one pot vegan mushroom stroganoni is an easy and delicious meal
One Pot Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff​ (30-Minutes)
two plates with different types of food on top of each other and the words vegan mushrooms
Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff (Best Recipe)
This vegan Mushroom Stroganoff is creamy, flavorful, and very delicious. The mushroom sauce is gluten-free, plant-based, perfect for lunch or dinner, quick, and easy to make. It can be served with rice, pasta, or mashed potatoes and is ready in less than 30 minutes)! #veganstroganoff #mushroomstroganoff #vegandinner #elasrecipes |
mexican vegan veggie stew in a white bowl
Mexican Vegan Vegetable Stew - Baking Mischief
hearty vegan stew in a red bowl with spoons
Hearty Vegan Stew
healthy veggie pot pies are served in blue dishes
VEGGIE POT PIES WITH PUFF PASTRY CRUST | Master Cooking #veggie #pastry #recipes
1h 0m
vegetable pot pie on a white plate with a spoon in it and the title overlay reads, vegetable pot pie
You Won't Miss the Meat in This Hearty Vegetable Pot Pie
Vegetable Pot Pie! Make a comforting bowl of savory vegetable pot pie, topped with a flaky crust. This version is loaded with tender vegetables and baked with a puff pastry lid for a hearty, individually portioned meal. #potpie #vegetariandinnerideas #simplyrecipes #vegetablepotpie #puffpastryrecipes
1h 10m
Best Vegan Shepherd’s Pie
A traditional style Vegan Shepherd’s Pie recipe with lots of mushrooms in a silky red wine gravy and olive oil mashed potatoes topping. Simply the Best!