Ara Güler, Türkiye Wasn't sure where to pin this, but I love this so it needed to go somewhere!

Look at the depth. I always spot one of the figures last. Henri Cartier-Bresson - He makes your eye move around the picture.The Camondo Stairs from Banks Street, Istanbul, Turkey, 1965

Foto Hakikât: Ara Güler

Trams in Beyoglu-Galatasaray corner on a snowy day, photographed by Ara GULER (Istanbul,

Ara Güler

Girl in the courtyard f the Sokollu Mehmet Pasha Mosque at Kadirga, Istanbul.

Ara Guler

lushlight: “ crashinglybeautiful: “ Ara Güler, “Edirne, Turkey,” 1956 (from melisaki) ” ”

Turkey, 1956, Boatmen at the repair wharf, photo by Ara Güler (please repin with photographers credits)

Magnum Photos- View image only Ara Guler TURKEY. Boatmen at the repair wharf.

Ara Güler | Offical Web Site

“İstanbul, Ferry-boats bound for the Bosphorus and the Islands at the Old Galata Bridge Ara Guler/ Magnum -”