Baroque furniture

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an assortment of carved wood carvings and designs, including roses, leaves, scrolls, and swirls
Rose Flora Unpainted Wood Applique Onlay, One Piece, Cabinet DIY Shabby Chic Furniture Molding Architectural Molding, MD052 - Etsy
an old wooden cabinet painted in green and gold with a mirror on the front door
Victorian Rose ReDesign With Prima Decor Mould - Same Day Shipping - Furniture Mould - Candy Mold - Mould for Resin - Silicone Mold
an old dresser painted in blue and white with flowers on it
Redesign with Prima Transfers, Moulds and Metallic Paint
a pink dresser with gold knobs on it's handles and drawer pulls is shown
French Provincial Dresser - Etsy
Decor Transfer + Decor Mould