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Şems-Tebrizi-kalenderi At the beginning of the Sema, by holding his arms crosswise, the semazen appears to represent the number one, thus testifying to God's unity.

"Breathe into ME" FB Rumi Quotes - artist unknown

You drew me so close to you, until I thought 'You are me.'' (Mustafa al-Hallaj Sufi poet century) mystic, revolutionary writer and teacher of Sufism

Güller Şems diye açmıyorsa, gülün kokusunu neyleyeyim... Ayrılığı ağlatamayan gecenin karanlığını neyleyeyim… Şemssiz sofranın balını böreğini neyleyeyim. Beni kavurmayan acıyı neyleyeyim… Gözümü yakmayan gözyaşını neyleyeyim. Karanlığıma Şems olamayan yâri neyleyeyim... MEVLANA

Everything u loose comes around in another form. One must have faith#


The book of the Sufi is not written With ink and letters, it is only a heart, White like snow.

Be with me. I will open the gate to your love. Rumi

I love RUMI poems 'n quotes. Persian mystic poet of the century. I will open the gate to your love.


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