Çilen Uğural

Çilen Uğural

Çilen Uğural
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cool New Top 100 small tattoo | Music makes the world go round.  Check more at http://4develop.com.ua/new-top-100-small-tattoo/

I love these between-the-finger tattoos, so pretty. // music tat tats tattoos tattoo notes musician musical musicians musicals ink inked treble clef notes lover hidden minimal small delicate pretty quarter half rest whole eighth song songs


The letters Ψ or ψ can be a symbol for: psychology, psychiatry, and sometimes parapsychology (involving paranormal or relating with the supernatural subjects, especially research into extrasensory perception). I want this as a tattoo.

Alchemy Symbols | Alchemical Symbols Elements Pictures

I was in church drawing my own flame control array [link] and I realized that is was stupid the way that the elements system was set up. Four Basic Elements, Modern