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a teapot with a bamboo handle is shown in this image, it has black and white designs on the front
Perpetual teapot wonderment
Stephen Robison and Kathleen Guss
a teapot with a frog sitting on top of it's lid, in front of a gray background
Sèvres Manufactory | Coffeepot (part of a service) | French, Sèvres | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
a ceramic figurine with two mice on it's back
a ceramic teapot with various items on it
Vintage Collectible Ceramic Teapot, Fireplace with Cat, Hand Painted in Italy | eBay
there is a teapot that has some items on top of it, including a painting
Tony Carter Monet Reapot
there is a tea pot on top of a wooden table
Paul Cardew Design Novelty Teapot Large - THE TEA SHOP Signed 1995 • £49.95
a teapot shaped like a kitchen with various items on it
Portmeirion, Botanic Garden
a teapot shaped like a cat with a cup on top of it's head
Mitchell Grafton, sculpture raku pottery
a ceramic teapot with a cat's head on top
a white tea pot sitting on top of a table next to two plates and cups
Théière en céramique et accessoires pour un teatime Kinfolk - Joli Place
théière en céramique