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Wizard Heaven by julvett on deviantART. And James and Sirius are still jerks.

Wizard Heaven by julvett on deviantART aw poor snape. I love the idea of them all happily in heaven :) - why the fuck would snape be in heaven he bullied a kid and all his friends for 15 years

The only boy to make her cry, but she never let him see.<-- That faint sound is my heart shattering.

Every time Hermione is seen crying, it's because of Ron. I don't ship Harry+Hermione, but I ALWAYS hated the idea of her and Ron. I love her character so much and think she deserves a better love story than the one she got.

I always remember this when I watch the movies again!!!

The last pinner said "It takes a hero to break a promise" Reality check: when I read about Dobby's death in the books, apparently I cry the same way each time. my hubby even has a name for it: the Dobby Sob. I cry "the Dobby sob"

harry potter

Harry and Hedwig gif