Now this is the CUTEST! Button down with a pocket fox embroidery.

This winter I was on a search for the perfect button up pattern, and this shirt was my first make on that quest! I chose the pattern from a bit older Burda issue, from I love two piece sleeve (Diy Clothes Cute)

Imagine leaving your home in the morning and discovering that your entire wall is covered in floral cross stitching. That would soooo make my day!

Cross stitch covered walls by Raquel Rodrigo

Etamin Tablo Şemaları

Etamin Tablo Şemaları

There's just something about a skeleton key. no color chart, just use pattern chart colors as your guide. or choose your own colors.

Learn how to embroider any design on clothing by hand (without messing up) - including this face design. #embroidery

How to Embroider Any Design on Clothing By Hand (Without Messing Up)

Learn how to embroider any design on clothing by hand, without messing up with this simple DIY hack that will make even DIY newbies look like pros.


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