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Place the large letters GOD IS. On the ceiling and cut letters out of different colour paper. Each week, once they know the word, they could find the letters, attach them to string, and hang that word from the ceiling under GOD IS.

Móvil con plato de cartón

Moon & stars craft, simple & cute craft to go along with Bible story (like Creation) or books like Goodnight moon--teaching the phases of the moon, waxing/waning;

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Margarita flor móvil Daisy móvil de papel para por emaliasfancy

Flower Mobile - Paper Daisy Mobile Inspired by Pottery Barn Kids for Nursery, Baby or Kids Decor (use fake dasies & leaves to look better)


Making a nice rain drop mobile is good and you will love the outcome. You may need about 20 minutes to make the rain and the cloud, but in the end it will look

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