Doctor Who

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an old man is talking to another person on the phone, and he's holding his head in his hand
the tweet is being posted to someone about their doctor who has been murdered
a tweet with the caption that reads,'i had a dream last night
two tweets that have been written on the back of their screenshots
some people are talking to each other in the same room
the doctor and his companions are talking to each other about what they're doing
an image of the back cover of a book with words on it and pictures of people in
a man is looking at the camera and has an interesting message to his friend about him
I love Nine ♡
an image of a man laughing with the caption fact 89 when david tennant was approached to play the tenth doctor in doctor who
I love him so much 😂
a woman with long blonde hair smiling at the camera
a man and woman standing next to each other