Ottoman Infantry c.1600s AD

ottoman army infantry in the 17th century AD.

Janissary, ottoman.

osmanlı giyim tarzı, örnek resimler & Ottoman style clothing, sample pictures & On the streets, I saw some janissaries marching. They had a serious look to them. I stayed out of their way!

The Ottoman state was lead by military leaders. Their Turkic horseman became a warrior aristocracy. Their power began to shrink when the central bureaucracy expanded so they built up regional power bases. Since the middle of the 15th century imperial armies imperial armies were controlled by Janissary infantry divisions. They had great prowess with firearms and artillery. They were able to intervene in dynastic succession dispute by the 16th century.

Military leaders had a dominant role in the Ottoman state, a polity geared to war and expansion. The Turkic horsemen became a warrior aristocracy supported by control of conquered land and peasants.

Janissary, Ottoman.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk wearing the traditional Janissary uniform from c.

Ottoman Empire

panoramic illustration from a museum in istanbul made by eight turkish artists showing the ottoman sultan and el-Fatih (conqueror) mehmed II with his troops during the fall of constantinople in 1453

Ottoman sipahi and Aragonese mercenary, Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña

Historical Warrior Illustration Series Part XXVI

Solak (Janissary Ottoman soldiers) who  provided protection to the sultans during imperial ceremonies and wars, one task of the solak soldiers was to keep everybody away from the sultan, even his private servants such as sword bearers and footmen. Solak soldiers carried their weapons when they went out of the palace together with the sultan, however in 1492 after an assassination attempt to the Sultan Bayezid ii, they began to carry weapon also within the palace.

Solak (Janissary Ottoman soldiers) who provided protection to the sultans…

[Ottoman Empire] Helmeted Warrior (Osmanlı Miğferli Savaşçı)

[Ottoman Empire] Helmeted Warrior (Osmanlı Miğferli Savaşçı)

Sipahis of Ottoman Empire

Two Sipahis, the elite cavalry knights of the Ottoman Army.The Ottoman army was once among the most advanced fighting forces in the world, being one of the first to use muskets and cannons.

Just went to Turkey this weekend and saw a Turkish Janissary Going to War!! Men i love their style, Go BREAK A LEG TURKISH JANISSARY!!

A Turkish Janissary Going to War in the Costume of the 16th Century

A Turkish Janissary going to war in the costume of the century, from 'Recueil de Tous les Costumes des Ordres Religieux et Militaires, 1789 (colour engraving)