feta, ricotta & spinach rolls

Feta Ricotta Spinach Rolls recipe with & to& Video. Easy to bake Feta Ricotta Spinach Rolls. Its a hearty vegetarian meal.

Spiced Lamb Kebabs Recipe - Saveur.com

Spiced Lamb Kebabs

Spiced Lamb Kebabs Recipe - Wide, flat metal skewers are ideal for grilling this style of ground-meat kebab. The spiced meat mixture can also be formed into patties if you don't have skewers.

2.0 Dolma - Stuffed Vine Leaves

Dolma 2.0 - Gefüllte Weinblätter

Greek Dolmas - My darling mother-in-law used to make this with "tender" grape leaves. I've bought it in a can and it's terrible - the veins on the leaves are like wood - very disappointing.


A True Middle Eastern Feast, Tabouli Salad, Grape Leaves (Warak Dawali), Hummus, Baba Ghanoush.

To Food with Love: Lamb Kofta Kebab @To Food with Love

To Food with Love: Lamb Kofta Kebab Food with Love (Persian Chicken Kabobs)

Green Peppers in Vinegar and Garlic Sauce (Sirkeli Biber)

Almost Turkish Recipes: Green Peppers in Vinegar and Garlic Sauce (Sirkeli Biber) Probaré en mi próxima carne asada.

Marinated Grilled Lamb Loin Strips (Kusbasi Kebabi) Recipe - This recipe for lamb kebabs is a local specialty in the city of Gaziantep, Turkey. The food there blends the best from Turkish, Armenian, Arabic, Jewish, and Kurdish cooking.-Saveur.com

Marinated Grilled Lamb Loin Strips

Marinated Grilled Lamb Loin Strips by Saveur. The warm, exotic Turkish spices in this dish meld beautifully with the intense flavor of the lamb.

~Elra's Cooking~: Ottolenghi's Kofta B'siniyah

Ottolenghis Kofta Bsiniyah This recipe is from Otolenghi’s newest book, Jerusalem. Just like two of other books he wrote, this one is becoming my good companion in the kitchen.

Lamb Kofta Kebabs

Lamb Kofta Kebabs, spiced with garam masala, ginger, and lots more good stuff. Try a little balsamic vinegar instead of the pomegranate molasses for sweetness.

My Turkish Kitchen: ISPANAKLI BÖREK (spinach borek)

SPINACH BOREK Ingredients: 4 Turkish pastry sheets Filling: 1 large size of onion(chopped) 2 lb of sp.

Turkish Borek

Turkish Borek -- Used to eat these ALL the time in Turkey. Our housekeeper would make them for us every Friday.

My Turkish Kitchen: KARNIYARIK stuffed eggplant

SPLIT BELLY EGGPLANTS Ingredients: 8 baby eggplants 1 cup of vegetable oil Filling pound of ground beef 1 medium size of oni.