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Aww Lay the little healing unicorn ❤️ Xiumin wasn't effected at all, Chen yet again wasn't effected by it and Kris just. ok then Kris xD D.O is just like "bye bish, bye bish and bye bish"

#Sehun and #Kris, adorable :3 ♥♥ ~ My brother does this to me all the time, but he doesn't hug me !! :(

Sehun and Kris -- adorable ♥♥ Love the hug!

too much cute to handle

this reminds me so much of yixings face expressions XD

omg sehun face i can't even xD

Sehun hurting his hand while doing three way high fives with Jongin and Luhan while Suho wonders what the fuck is wrong with his children (also Kai looks really good in a leather jacket)