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a blender sitting on top of a kitchen counter
a hideaway for appliances-keeps them handy but hidden. love this idea.
an appliance for refrigerators is displayed on the screen in this screenshot
Covetable Kitchen Appliances
Dreamy Kitchen Appliances : Rooms : HGTV
an oven with its door open in a kitchen
Home Epiphany
Home Epiphany. (n.d.). Retrieved February 20, 2016, from
two washers are stacked on top of each other
LG WM3997HWA: Front Load Washer / Dryer Combo | LG USA
#LGLimitlessDesign #Contest A group picture of the LG Black Stainless Steel Series. Our pantry is also a laundry room just off the kitchen
four spoons and two forks on a marble surface
HOME - The Minimalist website, Minimalism Lists & Ideas
The Minimalist - black stainless steel cutlery set
an info poster showing the different types of boats in the ocean and how they are used
Lifespan of Home Appliances
The appliances in your home all wear out at different rates. Some, like gas boilers, can last quite a long time (21 years). Others, like humidifiers, can fail much earlier (8 years).
a modern kitchen with stainless steel refrigerators and white counter tops, along with dark wood cabinets
How to Choose the Best Refrigerator for Your Family
Refrigerator Depth Another important aspect to consider is depth. Standard cabinetry is 24 inches deep, while standard refrigerators can be 4 to 11 inches deeper than that. If you're building a new house or remodeling your kitchen, you can customize your cabinetry to suit your appliance size. But if you're working with existing cabinetry, consider purchasing a counter-depth model, which is 24 to 26 inches deep. That way, the appliance will be almost flush with the cabinetry.
an assortment of kitchen appliances including refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher in dark room
Gorgeous Smudge Proof Slate Appliances
GE Slate = modern and sophisticated
a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and wood flooring, along with large windows
Any kitchen, any style, only one black stainless suite — that’s LG Limitless Design, and that’s your challenge! Pin the kitchen of your dreams featuring our new Black Stainless Steel Series and you could win $25,000 and a full suite of appliances. Start designing here:
two washers are next to each other with black and white designs on them,
Ugly Appliances No More! Make Them Over To Suit Your Space
Ugly Appliances No More! Make Them Over To Suit Your Space | DIY for Home, Landscaping Gardening | Fun, creative ways to make ugly appliances a little easier to look at.
an advertisement for the samsung black stainless steel 4 door french door refrigerator and microwave suite
Appliance Savings
Samsung Black Stainless Steel 4 Door French Door Refrigerator 4 Piece Suite
a large kitchen with white cabinets and marble counter tops, an island style sink is in the center
Best Places to Buy Large Appliances - Consumer Reports
2015 Appliance Retailer Ratings - Consumer Reports: The best places to buy large and small appliances, Published June 08, 2015
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
14 Tricks for Maximizing Space in a Tiny Kitchen, Urban Edition - Remodelista
Mesh Architectures' kitchen occupies a nook in a 300-square-foot art dealer's studio. The high-mounted oven includes a space saving feature where the bottom drops down for you to insert the food then retracts back up into the heat. See: Remodelista's Favorite Space Saving Appliances for Small Kitchens.
an image of a kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances on the appliance
Best Appliances for Small Kitchens: Remodelista's 10 Easy Pieces
Best Appliances for Small Kitchens, Remodelista. Features narrow but still functional and attractive kitchen appliances to fit in a small space.
a silver refrigerator freezer sitting on top of a white floor next to a wall
Best Appliances for Small Kitchens: Remodelista's 10 Easy Pieces
10 Easy Pieces: Favorite Appliances for Small Kitchens : Remodelista The Summitt 24" wide stainless steel refrigerator