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a handwritten poem in spanish with pictures of children's faces and words on it
an open book with the words dia del libro and two children riding on it
an image of a book with pictures and words on the cover that says quaderno dia del libro
Cuaderno de actividades: Día del libro
Cuaderno de actividades: Día del libro
the spanish book libros preguntones is open and showing pictures of children
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Kütüphaneler Haftası
a pencil with an image of a smiling face on it's side and the number four in front of it
First day at school decoration
some paper dolls are hanging on the wall
Boyu uzayan calisma
a bulletin board with paper cut outs on it
İnstagram okuloncesi.cilginlik
two paper flowers with measuring tape attached to them
Flor Día del libro
two circular badges with spanish words and pictures of children reading books in front of them
Bonitas medallas para regalar a tus alumnos el Día Mundial del Libro
a flower made out of strips of paper with writing on the side and a bookmark attached to it
Día del Libro: Flor con mensaje
LAPICERO MÁGICO: Día del Libro: Flor con mensaje
children are lined up in front of a bookshelf with spanish words on it
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a cartoon book with glasses and a star above it that says dia mundo del libroo