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sesame and cookie characters with the caption celebrate sukkot sesame learning about the sulkah and enjoying the beauty of nature
Celebrate Sukkot with Shalom Sesame: Learning About the Sukkah and Enjoying the Beauty of Nature
Sukkot commemorates the time when the Jewish people wandered in the desert and lived in temporary shelters. It's a harvest festival, and during this weeklong celebration we spend time outdoors in a sukkah, a makeshift structure covered with branches to look just like the huts our ancestors used. It's also a chance to move beyond the material comforts of home to connect with family and nature.
an image of fall rice krispie treats
Fall Leaves Rice Krispie Treats
Fall Leaves Rice Krispie Treats great to eat in the sukkah!
an image of sun catchers made out of yarn and plastic balls with the title planet sun catchers
Planet Sun Catchers - Pre-K Pages
Planet Sun Catchers - Pre-K Pages
multicolored streamers hanging from the ceiling in front of a blue sky background
Easy and Inspiring Homemade Sukkah Decoration Crafts for Sukkot
Sukkot Decorations
a woman holding up a paper cut out of leaves with the words fall paper lace on it
Fall paper lace
Fall paper lace
an outdoor dining area with white chairs and tables covered in paper flowers on the table
Paper-Bag Flowers
Hanging Paper Flowers
two cartoon vegetables are running and holding hands in the air, with one being eaten by another
Printables Archives - Challah Crumbs
Sukkot Printables
a miniature house made out of wood with plants in the middle and other items on top
Build a Tabletop or Model Sukkah
Play Sukkah made from Lincoln Logs!
an art project is being displayed on the table
Sukkah decoration: Cut letters out (I printed from Word), tape on fabric, sponge paint on top. Let dry, remove letters. Voila! Ufros aleinu sukkat shlomecha!
a lego set with people sitting at a table in front of a small house made out of legos
Sukkah Extravaganza – Kveller
Another Lego sukkah. :)
a chocolate cake with green leaves on top
Sukkah cake! #sukkot #cake #jewish #baking
a cake made to look like a house with candy on the roof and chocolate bars around it
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Sukkah out of Candy great project for my grandkids via Jacqueline
three different pictures with the words chandelier on them and an image of a man's shirt
28 Outdoor Lighting DIYs To Brighten Up Your Summer
two clear glass cakes sitting on top of a green table
thanksgiving craft ideas - Dump A Day
thanksgiving craft ideas, Oh I already have some extras in the building!