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Vintage Istanbul Poster

Turkish home decor.

Window in Verona, Italy.walk through the open window, pass through the blue doors to see the blueness of the this a world of blue water.a world of shades of blue.

Jamie's Italian şimdi İstanbul'da!

Net Mimarlık for Italian, Istanbul at Zorlu Center. Applying the standard design concept of Jamie’s.

In Cappadocia, Turkey.

In Cappadocia, Turkey.

Ephesus Down Marble Street toward Library, Ephesus, Turkey

Ankara Turkey of this beautiful place in Ephesus Down Marble Street toward Library, Ephesus, Turkey--WOW

Traditional Turkish/Middle Eastern Lahmacun. A thin crust topped with a meat/vegetable mixture. Light and delicious! (+step by step photos)

Lahmacun, also known as 'Turkish pizza', is a spicy Turkish/Middle Eastern dish consisting of a ground meat/vegetable mixture, spread on a very thin bread/cracker-like crust.

Turkish bread - miss this so much! Is it any wonder "ekmek" rhymes with "yemek"?

turkish bread-What you need 2 ½ cups all-purpose flour ½ cup lukewarm water ½ cup lukewarm milk dried yeast 1 tsp caster sugar 1 tsp salt .

Lentil Koftas Recipe - #entree #snack #vegetarian

Lentil Koftas Recipe - 1 cup red lentils 1 L water 2 x onions grated 2 cups burghl 1 Tbls oil 2 Tbls pepper paste 1 Tbls tomato paste 5 x spring onions chopped 1 handful parsley 1 handful dill 1 pinch chilli flakes 1 pinch salt