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coca - cola bottles filled with candy and streamers
DIY Soda Candy Bouquet
DIY Candy Created BARBIE Dress | How To Make A Candy Dress | JK Arts 589 - YouTube
a personalized plate with ladybugs on it
teacher gift ladybug fingerprints from class from ccsa studio share
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a wall with their hands up
Children in make-believe pictures cleverly arranged on the floor
a card with three little birds on it
Home • Frau Schweizer
a gift basket filled with candy and snacks
Family Game Night Gift Baskets resident retention
a blue gift basket filled with teddy bears and other items for someone's special occasion
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Dog Lover Gift Basket - Bone Shaped Water Dish, Assorted Dog Treats Bones, Plush Toys, Tennis Balls Even Something for the Owner. Easy to Re-Create! For more ideas, follow us VegasGiftBasket on pinterest, twitter, facebook instagram.
a basket filled with candy and snacks on top of a carpeted floor next to a door
Fire pit and all the fixings (silent auction prize)
hand painted wind chimes hanging on a wooden fence with text overlay that reads diy hand painted wind chimes
DIY Hand Painted Wind Chimes - 7th Grade Class Auction Project
DIY Hand Painted Wind Chimes – 7th Grade Class Auction Project
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden floor
Best 25+ School auction baskets
an image of two children holding paintings and one has the words look to the lord and he is fierce, seek his grace away from him
One of my Favorite Art Projects Ever!
yarn resist canvas painting with the words yarn resist canvass painted on it and an image of
Yarn Wrapped Resist Art – The Pinterested Parent
Resist painting is a great way to create an interesting piece of artwork. It is perfect for any age level. My daughter was not yet 2 when she made her first resist painting out of…Continue Reading…
an abstract painting with squares and dots
color blocks w tape on large canvas
a white chair with black and white designs on it sitting on a checkered floor
5th grade PTO school auction art project. Zentangle designs on spray painted thrift shop chair.
a quilt that has been made to look like hearts and hands on it with the words i love you
First Grade Quilt #schoolauction
a quilt made to look like handprints with the words hands of god written on them
Red Fundraiser Quilt
Hands of Friendship Quilt
a handprinted quilt on the grass
handprint quilt
Coffee & Bananas: handprint quilt
a child's quilt is hanging on the wall
quilt for school auction fundraiser, kids 3-6 painted the blocks, I pieced and machine quilted
a child's handprint with the words love one another deeply from the heart
Silent Auction class project. |
a mosaic tile table with a fire pit in the middle on a concrete patio area
Class Auction Project Fire pit
a colorful table with many different designs on it
Such a cute idea to make the fire-pit personalized! I'm thinking a tile for each house the fire-pit has moved too! ;-)
a large clock with roman numerals on it
6th Grade Class Project - BiddingForGood Fundraising Auction
6th grade class clock project - this is FANTASTIC.
multiple photos of people doing different things in the same photo, with one man holding his hands out
could write other phrases/words with kids
a black and white poster with pictures of hands holding something in each hand that says give giving hands
I loved this project -- photograph each child's holding what they hope to give back to the world -- to make the world a better place. This was an 8th grade project.
three pictures of people are hanging on the wall
WSM Spring Auction & Party
2 Fundraiser ideas! Classroom auction items - each class does a personalized gift auction item. Also an idea of doing letter photographs from school.
black and white photograph of different types of skis
school auction class project ideas
black and white photo collage of students holding up chalkboards with words written on them
Love this!!!! Im going to do this with my class this year! school-stuff
a black and white frame with pictures of hands holding each other's fingers, saying pray without ceasing
Pray without ceasing. Auction project of kids' hands
a group of people standing in a circle with their feet on each other and the words above them
Gala art project/classroom art project/auction project….Tiny Kindergarten toes surround an excerpt from "Footprints in the Sand." It was a challenge to keep those tiny toes still, but the art project turned out great….just dump a 50 lb. bag of sand on a sheet and wrangle the kids!
a series of photos showing different children holding letters
a black frame with colorful handprints on it in front of a white wall
three black and white squares with the words faith in them, against a blue cloudy sky
a cross made out of wood with writing on it