Kuruçeşme, Istanbul

Kuruçeşme, Istanbul - what a charming place it is! Actually it's Arnavutköy!


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Galata Tower, Istanbul, built by the Genoese in 1348, before the Ottoman Conquest in 1453 by Mehmet The Conqueror, who took the Byzantines by surprise and conquered Constantinople . Make sure to walk the district, very striking views of the Bosphorus thru narrow streets.

Galata Tower, Istanbul, Turkey - Explore the World, one Country at a Time…

Istanbul, Turkey

Blue hour on the Bosphorus, Istanbul / Turkey (by Steven Johnson) - Istanbul is half in Europe

Istanbul at Sunset, Turkey

Experience going from Europe to Asia in minutes by boat or by car Istanbul at Sunset, Turkey


Row of traditional Ottoman style timber houses with protruding oriel windows from the first floor.