Lindo bordado de colores

I realized when I saw this that the buttonhole and blanket stitch are probable in my top 5 favorite embroidery stitches ad they are so simple but just look at this!

Flower embroidery day 2: Daisies

Flower embroidery day 2: Daisies

Frida Floral Headband | Adorno floral estilo Frida Kahlo

How To: Frida Kahlo inspired Floral Headband

DIY - Frida Floral Headband great to hand out to female guests upon arrival at a Friday inspired party!

de rosas

DIY Kanzashi flower hairclip,how to make, kanzashi flower tutorial,kanzashi flores de cinta

Broche de las cintas! MK.posvyaschaetsya Tyutelke y Tatiana Stanislav

Цветы из лент, вышивка лентами