in blue dream

In blue dream by ViCOOLya & SAIDA, When fantasy meets real life. Blue Still not blue steel :)

Amentia by Nikolay Tikhomirov

Photo "Amentia" by Nikolay Tikhomirov (prop inspiration)

by Светлана  Беляева

Photo Untitled by Светлана Беляева on

The Outsider I wanted to print him on my so. - The Last Sacred Bear - James W Cain Digital Sculptor


Inspiration for blue eyeshadow & red lips; of course, no extreme eyeshadow for an everyday look.

Wooooooww :) paper sculpture

Les animaux de papier de Jeremy Kool // love this kind of shit!

High Voltage by Rebeca  Saray

/ Photo "High Voltage" by Rebeca Saray

african fighter by

Photograph african fighter by on

Biotop from Polygonia

Biotop from Polygonia Randomly Generated Insect Species by Chaotic Atmospheres

by Светлана  Беляева

/ Untitled by Светлана Беляева

Over you by Rebeca  Saray

Over you by Rebeca Saray - Photo 40528526 -

Snake I by Stanislav Istratov

Mermaid Alien - 29 Amazing Works of Special Effects Makeup You've Gotta See to Believe .

Gargoyle by Nikolay Tikhomirov

/ Photo "Gargoyle" by Nikolay Tikhomirov

Picta by Rebeca  Saray

Picta by Rebeca Saray on

Ophelia by Hartmut Nörenberg

Beautiful woman by Hart-Worx