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craysis wanted

craysis wanted
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開栓注意(@kaisenn0127) 님 | 트위터의 미디어 트윗

lele ~fair ~ large breasts ~ {balanced proportions} ~ short dark hair {appears thick} ~ pretty {the features i think of when i hear 'pretty' not attracted to her}~ fun ~ {petite~ most people including myself thinks she looks exactly} ~ bff

Ortho - Large Space Warship by zzombat on deviantART

Inspired by the Narn G'quan (though not exactly alike - compare) polygons, Lightwave Adobe Photoshop Ortho - Large Space Warship

ArtStation - Future Jet (S W A N) - Concept, Edon Guraziu

Found this concept image by Edon Guraziu working at Foundry The one confirmed thing he has done is this bullpup rifle.