Mandala Flower

For the Mandala flower, here is a step-by-step photo gallery. To do this you start at step 1 with 7 strings attached and 6 with Einhängeschlingen on 7 folded thread. Other threads are then inserted by most of us with an ordinary shoelace knot.

Fajon o gasa Wuayu Rombos paso cinco

Fajon o gasa Wuayu Rombos paso cinco

ply-split braiding - learn this here at the Craft Center

Ply Split Braiding

Ply Split Braiding: The "Waffle" Braid - YouTube

Watch how Linda Hendrickson uses a gripfid to make the ply-split "Waffle", and see items she has made with this technique, including braids, several mats, a .