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(( فالله خير حافظا وهو أرحم الراحمين )) -

Quran Calligraphy: ["Shall I trust you with him in the same way as I trusted you with his brother before?] [Nay,] but God's guardianship is better [than yours], for He is the most merciful of the merciful!

Amazing Islamic Calligraphy Art

Bismillah Calligraphy in Diwani Jali Script “In the Name of Allah, the Infinitely Majestic, the Infinitely Merciful.” From the collection: IslamicArtDB

Sacred Arabic Art by Rahima Wear | Arabic Calligraphy Art| It reads "Salaam"

"Salaam" (Giver of Peace and Safety) Hand Painted Islamic Calligraphic Art by Rahima Wear. Prints start at

30-islamic Persian Pattern

Islamic Art - Turkish Tazhib (Ornamentation through painting and miniature)

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