Arabic Calligraphy Styls

arabic fonts The last font I have never heard of. One before last is Farsi "font" خط عربي ،

Arabic calligraphy

DesertRose///beautiful Islamic calligraphy art **خطّ Ḣ a Ṭ خطّ** ~R

Square kufic script

Square Kufic Script Form of the letters in square kufic Table of the square kufic script letters with their modern Arabic equivalents. Note that many of the characters have the same form and can be easily confused.

"Allah" in Kufic Calligraphy

"Allah" in Kufic Calligraphy Flame on top of right shoulder heart

Allah - 70 Calligraphy Variations

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La Ilaha Illa Allah Calligraphy

Mouneer Al Shaarani ”There Is No God but Allah, Mohamed Is the God’s Prophet ”…


Bismi Allah al rahman al rahim

A square arabic calligraphy (kufi murabba') of Ayatul Kursi verse 255 from chapter 2 Surah Al-Baqarah (The Cow) from the Holy Koran. The translation is provided in image

A Square Arabic Calligraphy (Kufi Murabba') Of Ayatul Kursi Verse 255 From Chapter 2 Surah Al-Baqarah (The Cow) From The Holy Koran. The Translation Is Provided In Image Stock Photo 133895816 : Shutterstock