Lindo No instructions.  Reference photo only.  Use "Drop in the Pond" blanket pattern to adapt to table runner.

I would like to take this pattern idea and make it into a ripple afghan. I would make the center portion about 48 ” wide on the diagonal, and then add the "arrow" rows to lengthen it to about Then I would fill in the corners, squaring the ends.


Ripple stitch + broomstick lace (sort of), very nice for shawls, etc.: photo from a Russian site; and here is a Turkish video that provides good demo instruction even if you don

Прихватки от Светланы Забелиной.

вязание: прихватки

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pineapple table runner - photo only; possibly  Laura Wheeler Design 640, also from American Weekly 3170

Tip Toe through the Two Loops

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