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TC Cenk Cüneyt Özkaraca

TC Cenk Cüneyt Özkaraca
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Harry Potter minimalist posters

Here are a range of minimalist book covers of the seven part story of Harry Potter.//I always liked minimalist book covers as they show more about the book then the most extensive book covers that exist

Galadhrim Warriors - Lord of the Rings

Archery props from Lord of the Rings. These are the beautiful double recurve bows. and the beautiful quivers (or cases) for the arrows. because I'm an elf😉 and also married to Legolas so yeah❤️

Lord of the Rings Loved the books growing up, love the movies, can't wait for the Hobbitt to come out

"Speak friend and enter." The Gates Of Moria. Mellon - The Elvish word for "Friend." Used by Gandalf to open the gates to the mines of Moria.