Oversized cross stitch is so trendy right now, but have you ever seen it like this? A vintage wooden tennis racket (racquet??) from the thrift store is the PERFECT medium for cross stitch using chunky yarn...and it's already pre-framed. Four Christmas cross stitch patterns are available to you for free in this tutorial! Amazing, festive repurpose / upcycle DIY holiday craft project from #SadieSeasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com

Vintage wooden tennis rackets are the perfect canvas to try your hand oversized cross-stitch, which is all the rage. Check out these Christmas patterns!

Вышивка крестом схемы цветы и букеты

ru / Фото - разные цветочные схемы - irisha-ira I can't read what this says for the colors but it could be easily matched up with some pretty DMC colors.

6c4510e58b380abb63b7d6879d331eb7.jpg 612×816 piksel

6c4510e58b380abb63b7d6879d331eb7.jpg 612×816 piksel