Amazing. I usually don't go for full back tats but this is so amazing, and so deep and dark and I just love it.

Angel-Tattoos-for-Men-Angel-Back-Tattoos.jpg Photo: This Photo was uploaded by Basher_FiveTwo. Find other Angel-Tattoos-for-Men-Angel-Back-Tattoos.


Flower Tattoo in watercolour by lois. loving these watercolour effect tattoos! Love the scar-like line.

Love this placement for my tribute to my great grandma

Aurélio @ Belly Button Tattoo Shop, Perpignan--> not a fan of it going up on my neck, love it though

The Best Tattoo !

asian girl portrait tattoo, black and red by silvano fiato Bibliography: Kancheska, Iva. "Tattoo Interview with Silvano Fiato.